One Solution
All devices

Mobility is vital for the business...

Most companies are in need of a streamlined Configuration Management. An increasing number of employees are working from mobile devices, and the IT department must deploy, maintain and support both traditional computers and mobile devices.


Are you thinking about how to optimize when managing your devices?

Would you like to:

  • stay on top of business needs
  • do intelligent Mobile Device Management
  • know how to handle security
  • have ONE Solution for ALL Devices
Get in control - do something about it

When you need to configure and maintain mobile devices parallel to traditional computers, it will change the workflow of the IT organization. IT challenges security in new ways and causes different kinds of tasks that need to be handle.

Regardless of platform we give you the opportunity to get ONE management console to manage ALL devices – no matter if it is smartphones, tables or laptops.

You will get:

  • faster ROI and lover total costs
  • a way to automate manual processes
  • faster deployments and updates
  • complete control of all computers and mobile devices
Enterprise Mobility in 20 minutes